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At Geartronix DSG Centre we specialize in the repair, replacement, and installation of Volkswagen’s direct shift gearboxes (DSG), Audi’s S-Tronic gearboxes as well as Porsche Doppel Kupplungs (PDK) gearboxes, Ford Ranger Gearboxes and Amarok Gearboxes.

If your Volkswagen Amarok gearbox is faulty, you will notice a variety of symptoms. When changing gears, for example, you will hear a cracking sound. It could also have a speed that jumps and no longer engages. These warnings allow you to determine the nature of the problem.

If you have a dead clutch disc, you will need to replace the clutch, and on some models, you will not be able to replace it without performing a standard gearbox exchange; expect to spend more than a thousand Rand or more on a new clutch.

Geartronix has created a new, ever-growing, revolutionary internet platform to serve as an interface between independent workshops and our specialists, products, and services. Through this platform, our aim is to allow both independent and dealer chain workshops access to our advanced transmission diagnostics system, as well as the ability to change transmission parameters, reset adaption values and adopt specialized procedures, which until now were only possible for the vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. Geartronix DSG Centre affords any workshop the opportunity to help clients affordably without having to rely on the manufacturer.

 Your gearbox is due for a service every 6-12 months or every 60000km.



Typical faults of individual sensors (speed sensors / solenoid valves) of the most widely used control units from Porsche, Audi, and VW, can be fixed at a competitive price without having to exchange the entire control system. After an accurate diagnosis, we can determine whether your control unit can be repaired at a reasonable price. This way, after a repair is carried out at Geartronix DSG Centre, there is no need to re-program or encode the transmission control unit, significantly reducing the repair costs as well as the time required.


At Geartronix DSG Centre our advanced diagnostic platform significantly simplifies diagnostic procedures to trace the given fault. With the help of our advanced interface, workshops have access to all the necessary transmission data available in the still-installed control unit via the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port. This is also possible in the removed state via the transmission plug. Workshops simply send us the data online and after an expert evaluation, we will identify the issue and advise on the steps needed for correction.


The scope of the update service at Geartronix DSG Centre in a transmission control unit includes the diagnostic test procedure, a determination of the current software version as well as updating to the latest version as required. Depending on specification, a reset of the adaptation values is necessary and is therefore carried out automatically during this process.


Geartronix DSG Centre has the capability, when the physical hardware allows, to reprogram a transmission control unit from one vehicle for use in another vehicle. For information on which hardware can be used for this, and between which vehicles, get in touch with one of our in-house specialists.